#EquusFight: The Saga Continues

Equus Battle Royale with horse silhouettes

The drama continues over at #EquusFight, the contest where the equine stars of the anthology Equus are pitted against one another in a Battle Royale! My trained war unicorns Nova and Reaver made it through the first competition, but they are neck-and-neck with a Sleipnir-inspired rival. Now, normally you know … Continue reading

A Little Feminist Check Re Discrimination

"Male author" and "male doctor" are not offensive terms. It's simply a way to differentiate them from normal authors and doctors.

I botched it tonight. Someone asked our panel about writing in a traditionally male-dominated (both as authors and heroes) genre, as a woman. And several women writers were invited to answer, but with the clock ticking on the last moments of our chat time. I was discombobulated by trying to formulate … Continue reading

Cry HAVOK and Let Slip the Dinos of War

HAVOK April 2017

Check out the newest issue of HAVOK! It includes my flash fiction about a woman traveling with her service Velociraptor, and a lot more dino-themed stories. Seriously, that cover. (Okay, I know pterosaurs aren’t strictly dinosaurs, but are you going to argue with that cover? I didn’t think so.)   Continue reading