To Write and Have Written: My Streaming Video Chats

Writing is only part of a writing career — no one warned us that we would need business acumen and entrepreneurship to be an author. Whether you’re traditionally published or an independent self-publisher, it’s good to have a leg up on accounting, marketing, time management, and other key skills.

These recordings of live discussion on craft and development, on business best practices, on explorations of fascinating and inspiring real life cool stuff, and more will help you along your writing journey and career development. Join me as I share what I’ve learned and what I’m learning, and bring your own questions!

Every week I will host discussion of a topic of interest for creators and consumers. We’ll chat together live on Twitch, and then approximately two days later the video will be available for replay on YouTube (with added human-reviewed closed captioning). We’ll also have giveaways and fun co-working events.

Here are the general themes:

1st Tuesday: the Business of Creativity — Managing that career you thought was going to be about making art but turns out to also have accounting and marketing and stuff.

2nd Tuesday: Craft & Development — Building skills, learning technique, or related topics.

3rd Tuesday: Learn With Me — Inspiration is everywhere! Learn something new and fascinating, or explore with me something that writers often get wrong.

4th Tuesday: Create-In — Bring your project! Whether it’s writing, video-editing, cross-stitch, cosplay, coding, knitting, whatever. Informal sprints and moral support.

5th Tuesday: Field Trip! (or other fun and different theme) — Might be a travelogue, might be something wild and quirky. Will try to be both educational and inspirational. Or weird.


Want to see the exact topics for upcoming videos? Check out the calendar below (subject to change due to guests’ availability or other circumstances).

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