The Moonblade

The Moonblade

Remember that fundraiser for needs in Eastern Europe? It’s wrapping up now! If you donated to the fundraiser (or if you’re a Patreon supporter, which means you indirectly donated to the fundraiser), then the ebook is already in your Bookfunnel library. Just be sure to log in with the same… Continue reading

I’m Giving Birthday Presents Like a Hobbit ?

She Speaks In Flames

I’m having a crHappy Birthday, so I’m fixing it by giving books away. Your to-do list today: Happy Birthday…? So here’s the very short version: Today is my birthday, and I was supposed to be traveling through Italy this week, visiting archaeological sites and gathering research vibes. Instead, I am… Continue reading

New Release: Untethered

Unicorns locked away in the cargo holds of spaceships, becoming roller skating phenoms or leaving sparkly rainbow poop in a poor bartender’s living room are just the start. There’s a demi-god trying to figure out where Pegasus has disappeared to, horses formed of sea, or steam and even one who… Continue reading