The Poet’s Eye

The Poet’s Eye

A troublesome trinket. A terrifying invading force. A disaster about to consume the world.

A farm boy runs away from home to keep his family from killing each other (again). An inhuman sorceress murders her way to the throne to save thousands of lives. Unlikely allies realize the only way to recover a kingdom is to deceive and kill each other.

Just another epic tale of friendship and catastrophe.

About the Book

Galen was unhappy in his crowded farmhouse even before he learned his uncles killed his father for the spoils of a robbery. As tensions mount, he decides the only way to keep his family from killing each other—again—is to steal the magical amulet they’re fighting over.

Well, it was supposed to be magical, anyway.

Galen flees to the city, hoping to find refuge and work, but few want to hire a farmboy from the back end of nowhere. He lands a position as a caravan guard just in time to be attacked by a notorious highway sorceress, and Galen is suspected of complicity. With no options left, he joins the sorceress Lisveth, hoping to sway her from marauding to mercenary work. Lisveth has the smarts to sell Galen’s and her skills for the best price, and she negotiates and gambles their nomadic way on the road.

Meanwhile, a royal assassination and a magical hostage-taking force two nations together after generations of enmity. Six legendary amulets must be collected to save a queen in an icy prison and the lives of thousands. The entrapped prince can trust no one but a beautiful dancer and an exquisite young man trained from childhood to be the perfect luxurious companion—and perhaps not both of them.

The Poet’s Eye is a gripping epic fantasy. If you like deeply realized characters, sweeping adventure, and multilayered storytelling, then you’ll love Laura VanArendonk Baugh’s new tale.

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