My First Kickstarter Has Launched! And Funded!

Only the dead face north, Kitsune Tales

I was going to write this post when my Kickstarter launched, but I delayed a bit…and then had to change the update.

I launched my very first Kickstarter this week. And it funded within 2 hours. Thank you so much!!

This is a somewhat new kind of project for me. There’s another installment in my Kitsune Tales series, set in early Kamakura Japan as the new shōgunate gets started. In this story, separate factions compete to find a lost imperial treasure alleged to have been hidden two hundred years before by an abdicating teenaged emperor.

But for the Kickstarter, it’s not just a story — there’s also a corresponding tabletop roleplaying adventure, in which players move in the same world as the characters and compete for the same goal. (Don’t worry, one doesn’t ruin the other!) This adventure can be played in any system, such as D&D, Pathfinder, Legend of 5 Rings, etc.

Laura VanArendonk Baugh squatting in front of a large torii

This has been so much fun to research; Emperor Kazan really did abdicate to take religious vows at a nearby temple, and his court really was full of #drama. And of course I’m pulling heavily from my own hike over the Kumano Road, where most of the story takes place.

Please check out my campaign and others happening this month, and watch for stretch goals coming!

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