Ivanhoe’s Drive-In

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In the small Indiana town of Upland lies an unlikely hero.

In 1965 this drive-in opened to sell burgers and shakes, like so many others. It’s expanded and changed with time, but it’s also specialized and become internationally famous for its impressive dessert lineup.

Wikipedia has it wrong, listing 100 shakes and sundaes. Nope. It’s 100 shakes and 100 sundaes, people. When I enrolled at nearby Taylor University, I and other incoming freshmen were sent a ceremonial gift of a plastic spoon to symbolize our many future visits. Not by Ivanhoe’s, but by the university!

The size I’m showing off in the video is the smallest of the three available. This is serious business.

I was returning to Taylor to attend a writers’ conference and of course had to stop at Ivanhoe’s to eat. Twice.

It’s not just me. Ivanhoe’s has been featuring on all sorts of travel articles and television spots.

For the dedicated, you can aim to join the 100 Club and sample one of each flavor of shake or sundae. And then you can start over with the other dessert format. Good luck!


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