A Chocolate Coffin

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That’s a very literal title.

After all, I wouldn’t lie to you.

It’s no secret that I have a thing about the classic Universal monsters and gothic tales. Nor is it a secret that I have a small problem with chocolate. And so I was absolutely delighted to receive this chocolate coffin. (Or casket, really.)

Credit where credit is due: this treat came originally from the famous Batesville Casket Company, and it was passed to me by the understanding staff at the Historic Artcraft Theater. Long-time readers know this is my favorite movie house, an old vaudeville theater restored to show classic films. I can frequently be found viewing or even sponsoring events there. The popcorn is grown a few miles from the theater and donated, and I’ve given up chain theater popcorn because it’s just too disappointing in comparison.

But, back to the chocolate coffin.

Here’s the unboxing video.

I took a few photos of the item as well, and because I was involved, my new T. Rex figure came out to play as well. (I have two more dino figurines, not counting Cupcake the Dinosaur, named Benny and Vinnie, but this one just came home with me last week and doesn’t have a name yet.)

Also, this made me think of one of my favorite old Reese’s commercials:

So, that happened. Now, what do you think I should name my newest theropod friend?

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  1. Name the dinosaur ‘Fang’. It’s suitable for Halloween, too.

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