Chocolate-Peanut Butter Soda

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The next installment in my chocolate sampling series! And I just plain forgot to plug in my mic for this one, so the camera mic was picking up background noises and my dog Undómiel warning off some nocturnal creature outside. My apologies. Also my camera was a bit high, but at least that means you get to see a better view of Mr. Snaggles, one of my dinosaurs.

The soda ingredients actually never list cocoa, despite its appearance on the front label, so it must be included in trace amounts under “natural and artificial flavoring.” I could have told you about the artificial flavoring.

I bought this soda at Rocket Fizz in downtown Indianapolis. Also in the video I mentioned Pops66 in the video, which I visited on my last trip down Route 66 and which is definitely worth a visit just for the sheer enormity of it.

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  1. Chocolate peanut butter soda. You are brave–not sure I’d have gone for that one! But given the location, I think I may have to visit this place during GenCon, because specialty sodas YES!

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