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So first off, let me apologize for the state of the site over the last week and a half. We got hacked, and everything went merrily into a handbasket. Things should be all fine and safe again. I’ll catch up with the writing in Ireland posts and things shortly, I hope.

On a brighter note, I’m playing along this month with the #‎WIPjoy ‬collective sharing project, authors sharing about their work in progress. I’m trying to post most days about some part of one work in progress — in particular, The Lamp and the Lie. (That’s a working title, very subject to change — as it’s already the second working title….)

(Update: it’s now The Songweaver’s Vow.)

You can follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr as I post daily about the work. Facebook and Tumblr will have more complete answers by virtue of fewer limitations.

Here’s Day 1:

THE LIGHT AND THE LIE is a historical fantasy mashup of Greek and Norse mythology.

When Euthalia’s father trades her to Viking raiders, her best hope is to be made a wife instead of a slave. She gets her wish – sort of – when she is sacrificed as a bride to a god.

Life in the gods-realm of Asgard is strange. Her inhuman husband is kind and seems genuinely interested in her and her tales, but he will not allow her to look upon him and visits only in the dark of night. By day she visits Valhalla, where among the feasting dead she learns the politics of Æsir, Vanir, and Jötnar and befriends another human bride, Sigyn.

Euthalia becomes known as a storyteller, using Greek tales to entertain gods and giants. But when one of her stories precipitates a god’s murder and horrific retribution, Sigyn retaliates by revealing that Euthalia’s husband is a monster, challenging her to view him by night to see him as he really is.

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Images from Norse mythology (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sound fun? You can follow my progress at the lower-right corner of the page, or you can sign up to hear when it’s ready.

And, here’s Day 2:

I’ve had the idea for this story for a couple of years, but I only started writing it in November 2015 for NaNoWriMo. I’m about halfway through it now, by word count, but the remaining half is the far trickier half to write.

CIR Author Fair

And don’t forget, you can find me this Saturday at the CIR Author Fair in Indianapolis, where I’ll be pushing stories and signing books and stuff. We’ll be in the heart of Irvington, right in Robin Archer country. I’d love to see you there!

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