Think Swag, part 2

So I took your advice and suggestions on colors, and now the shirts are coming.

The shirts are coming.

You want to see one of the designs?

T-shirt with Kitsune-Tsuki logo of leaping 3 tailed fox

Keep in mind that this is not a photo of the actual product; it is a computer’s representation. I’ll post actual photos when I have the actual product. And there’s another design, too, which may be even a smidge cooler, so stay tuned.

Barring some terrible shipping accident, these shirts should make their debut in 17 days at Anime World Expos, where I’ll be speaking on Japanese Folklore and writing and even telling a few Japanese fairy tales. See you there!

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  1. Sandy Della-Croce

    Nice! Wish I was going – I’d get one!

  2. Man, I wish you had some ready for WWC. That is gorgeous!

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