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Suggestion BoxI’ve got an important question for you guys today: What colors do you like in T-shirts?

I’m looking at some shirts — I have two potential designs in mind — and I’d love to know what you’d prefer to have available. These should be in both men’s and women’s sizes and shapes, because I like curvy shirts myself.

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Because who doesn’t like swag?

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  1. Any chance for tank top, rather than tee-shirt styles? I voted for the colour as well!

    • Good question! I think we’ll start with Ts, as those are most popular, and then branch out with another poll to pick new products. Just starting simple!

  2. No fair: The question asks “What colors [plural] of shirts do you like?” And when I selected my preferences, I got a message saying I could choose only one! Either the question should be worded differently or more than one answer should be allowed.
    (‘Cause I’m just difficult like that.) ;-)

    • Sorry! I did have the poll set to allow more than one selection, but it turns out there are TWO places that has to be enabled, and I’d enabled only one. You should now be able to select multiple colors.

  3. Agreed with Nan! My short answer is that I prefer darker shirts, so I’d take anything but light blue. After that it’s just a matter of what color goes best with the design.

  4. Sandy Della-Croce

    I sort of agree with Kate – but I’d like any color but black. After that, whatever goes best with the design

  5. I always vote for black, because black goes with everything. :) But I marked a couple of actual colors, too.

  6. I picked two of the colors, but I also really like grey. ;)

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