The Tenth Day of Kitsune — Using Furoshiki to Wrap Gifts

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Ready to try something new to wrap those gifts this year?

furoshiki (Photo credit: preetamrai)

Furoshiki is a distinctive and environmentally-friendly way to disguise (and carry!) your packages.

This is a traditional Japanese method of wrapping items for both protection and easier carrying, as the tie can become a convenient handle instead of needing to cradle a bulky or oddly shaped package.

Cloths are infinitely reusable and are often quite colorful or beautiful. Nowadays you may find almost any style, or use whatever catches your eye!

Furoshiki can be very simple or very complex

See filename. Size of the piece of cloth is 90...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
furoshiki wrap
furoshiki wrap (Photo credit: weekendknitter)
Furoshiki used to decorate a wine bottle.
Furoshiki used to decorate a wine bottle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Furoshiki (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Decorative gift wrapping knots. Exhibition of ...
Decorative gift wrapping knots. Exhibition of local traditional products at Shinise Kinonkan, Nagamichi District. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Furoshiki (Photo credit: Emily)
Traditional Japanese wrapping cloth,furoshiki,...
Traditional Japanese wrapping cloth,furoshiki,katori-city,japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s common to see bento wrapped for protection and transport:

English: A typical home made Bento - note how ...
Attribution: Kraig Donald

To help reduce paper and plastic waste, Japan’s Ministry of the Environment has even issued a handy guide to wrapping various shapes or for various carry purposes.

(And, readers of Kitsune-Tsuki, don’t get confused: furoshiki, cloth wrapped about an object, is quite different from a shikigami, a spirit wrapped into an object to serve an onmyouji!)

What do you think? Will you try wrapping gifts in a new way this year?

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