The Eighth Day of Kitsune – Where Are They Now? Part 2

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In recent years, kitsune and other folklore creatures have been making a striking comeback, it seems. Yes, they were always there, but now they’re everywhere, from fashion (French clothing line Maison Kitsune) to music (several music groups go by the name Kitsune).

Here’s a very brief collage of modern media in which you might spy a kitsune — and one of my favorite kitsune scenes in which there is no kitsune at all.

The Fox Woman by Kij Johnson
The tale of a fox who loved a human.
Tails is a kitsune
“Tails,” from Nintendo’s Sonic the Hedgehog franchise
Rosemary and Rue, by Seanan McGuire
A fae detective must solve a murder before a dying curse overtakes her.
Naruto's kitsune
the dangerous kyuubi or 9-tailed kitsune, from the anime Naruto
Kitsune, by Marriages
Atmospheric experimental rock.

Yes, there’s a kitsune in Ran — sort of.

It’s actually one of my favorite scenes in the film. Kurogane has been dispatched to behead someone he considers innocent, and he knows the order originated with his susceptible lord’s scheming wife. He returns with the head as ordered, but when the wife unwraps it, she finds only the stone head of a fox.

Kurogane is shocked, shocked to discover that his victim had been a fox in disguise! But then, he muses to his lord, they should not be surprised, because he can cite many instances in history when a fox had taken a woman’s form to deceive and corrupt powerful men.

The fox in Kurosawa's Ran
Kurogane-san makes a point, but no friends.

It’s a brilliant play by a man who cannot openly disagree. If you wish to see the scene, it’s roughly an hour and fifty minutes into the film (available on Netflix, on Amazon, and pretty much everywhere).

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