Swag Sale! Gifts for that dinosaur or kitsune lover and reader.

shirts of various sizes and colors folded on wooden table

sorting remaining inventory for shirts

We all have problems. I need space to store new cool things, and you need gifts for that tricky person on your list.

Here’s a deal that will win for everyone.

I’m running a holiday sale on my kitsune shirts and Cupcake the Dinosaur swag, along with signed paperbacks of your favorite titles for gift-giving. Best of all, I’m a ninja at packing flat-rate boxes — challenge me! — so it’s flat-rate shipping for you. Go ahead and buy an extra shirt or book for yourself, guilt-free. Continue reading

Let the Sun Shine! New Solar Panels to Power My Work

two-story brick house with ladder to roof and solar panelsAfter two days of intense upgrades, my house is powered by the sun.

We’re brand new and still working out the bugs, but our first day of full sun produced enough power to fuel my car over 250 miles. Our first day of partial sun produced enough power to run our house comfortably. We’re on Day 3 right now, so I can’t offer much more in the way of numbers or averages. Continue reading