Swag Sale! Gifts for that dinosaur or kitsune lover and reader.

shirts of various sizes and colors folded on wooden table

sorting remaining inventory for shirts

We all have problems. I need space to store new cool things, and you need gifts for that tricky person on your list.

Here’s a deal that will win for everyone.

I’m running a holiday sale on my kitsune shirts and Cupcake the Dinosaur swag, along with signed paperbacks of your favorite titles for gift-giving. Best of all, I’m a ninja at packing flat-rate boxes — challenge me! — so it’s flat-rate shipping for you. Go ahead and buy an extra shirt or book for yourself, guilt-free.

Kids’ shirts? Yes, available with a cheerful sweets-loving dinosaur, to match their grown-ups’ shirts.

Laura & Erica rock matching Kitsune-Tsuki shirts!

Matching shirts? I may steal part of your wig to pose with you. (Laura & Erica)

Some shirts got hit pretty hard at cons this year, so we don’t have a complete inventory for all sizes. I have only one green women’s Cupcake shirt left! So if you see something you really want, don’t dawdle, as I will not have these restocked before Christmas.

(I have a decent supply of most paperbacks, but if it’s important, order early. I doubt I can get a fresh shipment in time to sign and send on to you without both of us chewing our nails and watching out the window for the delivery truck.)

Shirts are available in straight or curvy cuts (“men’s” and “women’s,” but we know many ladies like to order the straight cut, so you do you). Kitsune logo shirts come in four colors. Full-print kitsune shirts are white on back (a little design crinkle in the underarm is 100% normal for this type of print, see the picture, and it’s not a problem to wear). Order at this page for fast secure checkout with a credit card.

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