Let the Sun Shine! New Solar Panels to Power My Work

two-story brick house with ladder to roof and solar panelsAfter two days of intense upgrades, my house is powered by the sun.

We’re brand new and still working out the bugs, but our first day of full sun produced enough power to fuel my car over 250 miles. Our first day of partial sun produced enough power to run our house comfortably. We’re on Day 3 right now, so I can’t offer much more in the way of numbers or averages.

My basement wall now has enough electrical boxes and gear to resemble the utility shed of Jurassic Park, and I am strongly tempted to get some Smooth-On silicone and make myself Samuel L. Jackson’s arm to leave dangling there. (And some people say cosplay has no practical value….)

white cloth over dinosaur head with teeth showing

“They think it’s just a dust cloth for my protection, but it actually gives me a +2 to stealth. No, I certainly haven’t seen that missing electrician, why do you ask?”

That would greatly please Cupcake as well. She hung out beside where the electricians were working, watching carefully, and is very pleased that we’re now off fossil fuels.

We upgraded to solar panels for two reasons. First, through a curious quirk of country living, we are the only property on our power line, despite having neighbors on all sides. This means that during outages, our lonely line is understandably not a priority to get back online.

Second, we like clean power which does not contribute to air pollution or lung disease and which can be traded back to the power company for credit, and which, while an investment to start, will ultimately power our house for free or nearly free.

I’m looking forward to seeing how our new solar panels affect our overall power bills. Our house is total electric, so theoretically we can live entirely off the sun. It’ll be fun to find out.

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  1. Very cool. I would be interested in knowing how it works out for you. We’ve contemplated it. 😊 Kudos for taking a step off the grid. 😊

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