A Short Story for the End of 2017 — For Charity

I have a new short story out for charity. Here’ s how it happened: I was driving along Tuesday night, musing that I wished I’d released one more thing this year — even though it’s been a good writing year for me — just so I could say I’d done twelve releases in twelve months. For the sheer symmetry of it. I also thought I should have planned ahead to do a charity fundraiser again.

And then I realized that I could put those two desires together.

So I pulled out a short story with a Christmas theme, whipped up a quick cover, and we’re ready to go.

I’m pleased to promise that 100% of proceeds on “Operation Tannenbaum” for the rest of 2017 will go to World Vision and IJM, to combat poverty and slavery. Both of these are solid charities with good ratings for use of donations.

Operation Tannenbaum - red cover with Nazi eagle, evergreen branch, blood spatters“Operation Tannenbaum” is available only on Kindle Select, for the following reasons:

  1. I can get it up and available for purchase within a few hours, which matters because of my late planning.
  2. I can easily track all proceeds in one report which I can access promptly for donating.
  3. You can read for free if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited — and if you want to donate more, you can re-read for additional donations. (At least, I think KU counts re-reads as eligible pages; I don’t actually use KU much myself. But it’s worth trying.)

If you want to read it but don’t have access to Amazon, email me with a donation receipt and I’ll make it happen.

“Operation Tannenbaum” is a short story set during a WW2 Christmas. In real history, Operation Tannenbaum was the German plan to invade Switzerland, only it was never executed. This speculative tale suggests that the invasion happened — but ended so badly that it was wiped from the record.

Be aware that it’s a dark fantasy, nearly horror, and while our hero is a child, it’s not a children’s bedtime story. However, nothing says Christmas like putting down Nazis, so if you enjoy that sort of thing, your donation would be much appreciated! Or buy it for a friend.

Operation Tannenbaum was the German Reich’s planned invasion of Switzerland. History says Hitler never gave the order — but history is written by the survivors.

Franz has tried hard to be good this year, extra strict with the grown-ups’ worries over the Germans and rationing and other problems. He’s just not sure if it’s good enough to avoid Krampus, the terrifying creature who aids St. Nicholas by visiting naughty children.

When the Germans come one night, Franz must flee for his life and attempt to warn his town — but there is something more terrifying than German soldiers in the mountain passes.

You can grab your copy at Amazon. Thank you, everybody!

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  1. I’m glad you wrote this. It entertained me while I waited for the rest of my crew to get up for the morning!

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