Celebrating 2017 — With Loot

list of handwritten creative ideas
I need a bigger fire for all my  irons.

We need to step back sometimes to be able to see the bigger picture.

I had been a little down on myself for not publishing as much as I’d wanted and being behind on my idea list. I have a beefy project list that feels like I’ll never catch up. (I wrote it out as an Idea Debt Inventory for a productivity lesson. Lemme tell ya, that’s simultaneously inspiring — look how much I can create! — and super-depressing.)

But then I started doing the math for this year, and wow, I’ve had a more productive year than I thought. No wonder I felt busy.

I can’t take much credit for Better Together, as it contains only reprints from me, but everything else was new work. And I have already sold some stories for 2018 and am working toward new novel releases. So yay!

And, I should also celebrate the additional successes of 2017. For example, several of these got some very positive industry reviews, and The Songweaver’s Vow is is a semi-finalist for SPFBO’s Best of 2017. (No update yet — 2017’s not over!)

In short, I’m way ahead of where I thought, and I’m having a party.

dancing woman
My party. You’re all invited.

I was going to do a themed giveaway anyway, but once I compiled this list, it got necessarily bigger:

Sailor Moon carousel horse
Sailor Moon carousel horse (watermarked for online display, your print will be pristine)

Japanese-themed: 2 pair tabi-style socks which echo the Tales of the Sunrise Lands cover and a lanyard and tote from Ohio Kimono
Norse-themed: Jörmungandr necklace to warn your enemies (The Songweaver’s Vow and my story in Mrs. Claus)
Dinosaur-themed: silicone mold of cute tiny dinosaurs, for making chocolate or candy or soap or butter or ice or anything (D is for Dinosaur and Havok)
Dog-themed: cute floppy toys for tugging and shaking — no stuffing! (Social, Civil, and Savvy and Better Together)
Horse- and geek-themed: choice of gorgeous carousel prints from ZJ Bickel (Equus and Covalent Bonds, SonOfAWitch! or others, depending on winner’s choice)

You can enter below! Note there are extra points for some types of entries, and some you can repeat daily for additional entries.

International friends, I love you, but I reserve the right to substitute prizes if shipping should prove prohibitive. I’m in the US, and I’ve had previous winners in Europe, Africa, and Asia, and I don’t want to commit to $50 shipping or something crazy. If you win, we’ll talk.
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Enjoy the party!


Some winners have not returned my email. I can’t ship prizes without a mailing address, and I can’t contact you other than by the email you entered. Please check your spam filters (don’t mark me as spam, please) and get back to me. Thanks!

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  1. Is the raffle link live yet? I clicked on it but it said that the contest hadn’t started yet.

  2. How do I post a purchase screencap into the text box?

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