The Norse Pantheon Family Tree

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Anyone who’s spent more than three minutes reading up on the Norse pantheon — or pretty much any polytheistic pantheon, really — knows it can get complicated in a hurry. So when I stumbled upon this Norse deity family tree from Veritable Hokum, I knew it would be a fun share here.

Yes, the image is too small to appreciate here; that’s intentional. Follow the link and check out his work where he can get full credit for it. It’s also available in a poster, if your wall has an empty space, and in a Greek mythology version, if you’d like a visual aid to accompany Euthalia’s storytelling. (Because any Greek trying to explain things to the Norse is going to need a really big whiteboard.)

The Songweaver's VowAnd, speaking of Euthalia’s storytelling…! The Songweaver’s Vow is available now, and in your choice of retailers.

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