Ireland Contest Winner!

Well, no one won Ireland, not exactly. But I did have a contest based on my writing-in-Ireland (mis)adventures. Readers were asked to guess how many times I checked that I had my passport after so stupidly forgetting it. (Never let it be said that I present only a finely cultivated picture of my own perfection on social media….)

Guesses were submitted via blog comments and Tumblr. None on Twitter, which surprised me a little.

And the winner, who guessed nearest the accurate number, is…..

Dan Sinclair.

Bonus: Dan just had a birthday, too. Now he gets to name a character and choose life or death. Oh, the power.

Dan guessed that I checked my passport 8 times, which was the closest to the actual figure of — once. Yes, just one time. I had such a distinct memory of picking it up and putting it in my purse, after missing my flight for not having it, that I did not need to check again. Yes, I felt the urge, but I knew it was there. I knew I had put it in. Firmly.

Congratulations, Dan!

Gen Con

I’m off to Gen Con this week, where I will be teaching costuming workshops and talking about Japanese folklore and other fun things. I’ll also be playing Pathfinder and making an appearance with Cupcake the Dinosaur. Please say hello if you’re there!


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  1. I don’t know if this is a duplicate, but thank you Laura. I actually forgot I had entered your contest. I would not thought that I would win.

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