I Ran for Freedom. And I Didn’t Collapse.

So this morning was the 5K run to benefit International Justice Mission, combating modern slavery. (Yes, real slavery still exists today. In higher numbers than ever, in fact, but thankfully also as a smaller percentage than ever.)

International Justice Mission charity run
Yes, that’s a six-year-old. Ahead of me. Shuddup.

What you have to know is that I don’t run. Really. So this was a really good cause for me to even sign up. I had planned to do at least a bit of training beforehand, but a rotated pelvis nixed that. And that’s my best excuse for why I was able to take a photo of a six-year-old in front of me in the pack.

At first I ran for a song, then walked for a song, and then I ran for a verse, walked for a chorus, and by the end it was more like, “I’ll run from this sidewalk crack to that signpost.” The course was three-sided, and the first runner coming the return trip caught me at the first turn. Hey, I said running isn’t my thing.

I don’t have much to compare it to, but it was a good event, I thought. We started with a prayer for the Boston Marathon victims and for those we were raising money to aid, and the Calvary Baptist Church staff were all very friendly. It was literally freezing temperature, but I got warm enough to leave my jacket with the halfway lady. The only real annoyance was a spot of standing water (we’ve been having some severe flooding this week and I passed trees in 5-6 feet of water as I drove in, so that wasn’t surprising) which left us soggy-footed. And I finished at just a couple of seconds over 41 minutes.

And even though I was coming across the line all alone, no one even close, people cheered for me. And darn it, that actually felt kind of good. Because yes, I was still vertical at the end, and I don’t run, and I count that as an achievement. ;-)

I had a 90-minute drive home, lots of sitting still, so I tried to stretch well before pulling out. I’ll know in 36 hours or so how good a job I did!

I don’t run. Even when I was doing crazy HIIT workouts and could pull over 200 push-up burpees, I didn’t run. But I actually, almost kind of had fun today. Don’t tell.

And I haven’t heard final figures yet, but apparently it was a good day for fund-raising for IJM, and all proceeds go directly to legally combat slavery. So my sore muscles will be worth it.

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  1. Great story, Laura!! So glad you took a stand (well, a run) for freedom. The race really went off well; our volunteers were wonderful. And yes, the total raised was over $6000! Hope to see you, and some friends, next year :)

  2. Great story Laura!! So glad you took a stand (well, a run) for freedom. The race went off very well; we had a great team of volunteers. And yes, we ended up raising over $6000! Hope to see you back next year, with some friends :)

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