On Today’s Slavery — the End It Movement and a 5k

International Justice Mission
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So, I signed up for a 5k run to raise funds for International Justice Mission. Now, you have to realize what this means. I don’t run. Even when I was doing insane interval training, I never ran. So you know this is a good cause.

I got a lot of comments (more via Facebook rather than here) on the recent post about real slavery today. It still boggles my mind that 27 million people are real slaves today — chained, bought, sold.

So surely I can haul my carcass down the road for half an hour — forty minutes — as long as it takes, on their behalf.

I was going to tell you all about it today anyway, but then I realized that today is World Slavery Day, which makes it even more appropriate to talk about it. It also means that it’s a great time to share about this issue which many people honestly don’t realize still exists.

Want to help? You have a couple of options:

  • If you’re in Indiana and want to run, the event is in West Lafayette (I’m driving in for it).
  • If you want to donate to IJM, go here (they have corporate matching and everything).
Zombie Walk in Edmonton
Zombie Walk in Edmonton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Also, if you have any tips on turning a non-runner into a runner, I’m listening. Traditional wisdom holds that if you should see me running, be alert for the rabid hyenas or fast zombies which must be close behind. Logically this means that Zombies, Run! should be a good training program, right? I’m considering it (and would love to hear your opinions).

Also, I know we’ve had a few Serious Posts lately, on slavery and rape and other heavy topics, but we should be back to the usual frothy drivel and self-promotion soon. ;-)

I’ll let you know how I make out at the run…!

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  1. Melissa Alexander

    Zombies Run is, according to a friend, a REALLY fun way to run. She was already running when she discovered it. I assume it has levels? My advice (which is totally as a non-runner) is not to push yourself to feel like you have to run the whole thing. There will be walkers there; there will be other beginning runners there. Enjoy it, and when you need to rest, rest. No sense getting hurt or burned out. (I’d say to check out barefoot running, but I don’t think you have the time.)

    • Oh, I’m not going to pretend I’ll run the whole thing. I’m naturally a pretty fast walker, and my personal goal is to stay ahead of what my runner friend calls the Bus of Shame. :)

      Thanks for the reminder, though. Personal goals are way better than trying to achieve someone else’s goal!

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