FAE’s on Sale

FaeSo if you need a copy of Fae to boost your chances in the #ScarecrowSelfies contest, here’s your chance!

Fae is on sale for just $.99 through July 29, 2015. at all the usual favorite retailers. You can find it at Amazon, or pretty much any other seller of ebooks you can legally find.

This anthology contains one of my favorite short stories (of my own work, anyway), and it happens to be the Pushcart Prize nominee. But there are plenty of other fun reads in this collection, too. Enjoy!

The Cartography of Shattered Trees by Beth Cato and And Only the Eyes of Children by Laura VanArendonk Baugh are shining examples of what could be done with the subject of faeries that surpass tricks on the reader, that build worlds and characters worth knowing, and exploring, that have something important to say about the real world. - Tangent Reviews, John Sulyok

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  1. #Scarecrowselfies? What post did I miss?

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