Win Books with #ScarecrowSelfies

Cover of the Scarecrow of Oz

This is not the prize book. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who wants free books? I know, that’s a dumb question.

Who wants their birthday and Christmas shopping done early? Yeah, that’s another easy one.

My editor Rhonda Parrish (of Fae, Corvidae, and Scarecrow) is running a contest to give away ten copies of Scarecrow. Complete details are here, but basically you take a picture of yourself with a scarecrow (with bonus entries if you include a copy of Fae or Corvidae in the pic). Easy as that.

The winner gets books to give away willy-nilly like some sort of literary Carnegie!

English: I took photo with Canon camera of And...

Andrew Carnegie at National Portrait Gallery. Public domain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh, Andrew Carnegie did give away libraries. (Fun fact: my grandmother’s cousin was selected to write to Carnegie to request their library, because she had the nicest handwriting in town.)

Anyway, you can totally gift scarecrow books if you win. So snap a scarecrow selfie!

Need a copy of Fae or Corvidae to boost your chances? Here ya go.

Fae Corvidae, edited by Rhonda Parrish

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  1. I love this idea! But I don’t think I’ve seen a single scarecrow all year. (I suppose I could take a pic of myself standing next to the TV while they were running The Wizard of Oz….) ;-)

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