The F-BOM Flash Fiction Contest – Yay!

I’m please to share that my story took second place in F-BOM’s flash fiction contest for December 2017. Yes, I know it’s now officially 2018 — woo, I think that’s the first time I’ve written that — but the winning stories went up this weekend.

You can read my second-place story “Transfer,” as well as the first-place “The Fix” and honorable mentions, over on the F-BOM blog. The contest was judged by the fabulous Intisar Khanani, an F-BOM featured author. F-BOM is a “science fiction, fantasy, and feminist book club” (book of the month, get it?) which focuses on diverse books and related news.

Flash fiction is really a challenge for me! I had this all set in my head as a story about the difficulties of wanting simple solutions to complex problems, a very short story of about 1,500 words or so (most of my shorts are 7,000 to 10,000 words). Rewriting it to just 100 words was a workout! but a good exercise.

Operation Tannenbaum - red cover with Nazi eagle, evergreen branch, blood spattersOh, and while I’m sort of touching on the topic of solutions and doing good, let me report that I donated $100 to World Vision and International Justice Mission for the sales of “Operation Tannenbaum.” Both of these organizations use their money well and have people on the ground to make long-term local difference, not just a well-intentioned but ineffective or even harmful donation and run. Thank you for helping!


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  1. Cool story! Crafting such short flash fiction is truly a challenge, but good practice. Congrats on second place!

  2. Whooo, congrats! And good story! 👍 I had to read the winner twice before I got it. :P

  3. Laura! I was so thrilled to find out you got second place. The contest entries were blinded, so I had no idea who won until the winners were announced publicly (ha!). Congratulations! I really enjoyed your story, and the real question of who the monsters are. ;) Happy new year!

    • Blind submissions are the way to go. Thanks for popping in over here, and for taking the time to judge in the first place! A very happy new year to you as well.

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