Cover Reveal: Lord’s Curse

Today we’re getting the cover to Brandy Ackerley’s new Kitsune Ken installment! Brandy and I have known each other through our shared Japanese folklore interest for a long while, and we last saw each other while sitting together on an Asian media panel at the 2019 When Words Collide conference.

You may remember Hunter’s Gambit, and Lord’s Curse is the sequel. Let’s jump straight to the reveal, okay?

Can I just say that as much as I love cherry and plum blossoms, they are overused, and I’m so glad wisteria got a chance on this cover? (I mean, with the other pretty things to look at…)

Now, the book:

Kuzunoha, bastard daughter of the Tanaka family, is determined to leave the village she grew up in and take control of her own life. Her sister, Himiko, is just as determined to keep their splintering family together. When a forgotten branch of their clan is discovered in the far city of Kalvettika, Himiko suggests that a trip to find them is just what they need.
Though Kuzunoha is excited to finally leave, even if she is traveling with her sister, she finds herself tempted by what Himiko offers should she return to Hidan, and the family home, after. Her conflicted feelings multiply when an old flame leaves, proving that even if she did return with her sister, home will never be the same again. Worse, something seems to be hunting them, and secrets, old and new, will threaten them all.

Will our heroes survive to see inside Kalvettika’s tall walls in this intriguing sequel to Hunter’s Gambit?

Can Kuzunoha persevere and accept who she was meant to be, or does destiny have other plans? 

You can find Brandy on Twitter, Facebook, and at her blog.

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