Writing Night!

Tonight, I’m working on a new Robin Archer story!

opening paragraph

Jimmy was in the kitchen when I entered the Steer and Beer, so I just gave a little smile to the teenager at the counter as I sat down. I took a booth instead of a stool at the counter because I figured Jimmy would want to talk, and there’s a lot he might say that shouldn’t be overheard by the kitchen staff. Things like, The police have a poster up for you, and They fished out the bullets so they can match your gun if they find it, and What does the Faerie Queen think of it?

To be honest, I’ve kind of missed Robin, and it’s good to be back.

If you haven’t met Robin yet, check out Circles & Crossroads, the first story of which first appeared in Fae.

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  1. Oh good!! 😀 More Robin! ❤

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