#WIPjoy for Shard & Shield: Music and Playlists

Today’s #WIPjoy topic is “songs on your MCs’ playlists,” which is frankly too big to answer effectively on social media (sorry, Twitter), so we’re doing it here on the blog.

I have a bonus to this post, too. First I have my own playlists for primary characters, and then I have a guest DJ Kayla, who beta-read Shard & Shield last week and told me then she had made character playlists, which of course meant I had to ask her to chime in on today’s #WIPjoy topic.

First, my suggested lists. These may be songs to represent the characters, but most are songs I think the characters might listen to — if they lived in a world with pop music and digital players.

“Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” Green Day
“In The End,” Linkin Park
“Prelude 12/21,” AFI
“Orchard of Mines,” Globus
“Remember Me,” Hoobastank
“Losing My Religion,” R.E.M.

“The Look,” Roxette
“Stand My Ground,” Within Temptation
“Evolution,” Hamasaki Ayumi
“Defying Gravity,” Wicked
Hamilton soundtrack

“Prelude 12/21,” AFI
“Adiemus,” Adiemus
“Living Sacrifice,” Whiteheart
“Unbroken,” Black Veil Brides

“Inside,” Whiteheart
“The Sound of Silence,” by both Simon & Garfunkel and Disturbed
“Double Concerto in D Minor for Two Violins,” J.S. Bach

Yes, some of those are an eclectic mix, but hey, real people are like that.

And now, let’s see what DJ Kayla planned for our characters and readers.

Kayla specified that these are mostly character songs rather than songs they’d purchase and play. I love that we had a few of the same tracks, but there are also some new reveals:

“Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” Green Day
“7 Years,” Lukas Graham
“Warriors,” Imagine Dragons

“This Will Be The Day,” Jeff Williams featuring Casey Lee Williams (RWBY soundtrack)

“Prelude 12/21,” AFI (I listened to this when [redacted for spoilers] thanks Laura)

“Black Widow,” Iggy Azalea (ft. Rita Ora)

Bonus Round

Because you deserve a few more side character songs.

Elysia Parma (I know there’s not a lot of Elysia up front, but trust me, she’s awesome):
“My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark,” Fall Out Boy
“Spybreak,” the Propellerheads
Rock of Ages soundtrack

So, grab a few songs for your own playlist, and I hope you look forward to meeting these characters. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Omg! Someone else watches RWBY. Casey Williams is an amazing singer. More than a few of her songs are on my characters soundtracks.

  2. Holy cow that Disturbed cover of Sound of Silence…WOW! I had never heard that before.

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