“Wight Christmas” Now In Audio

Hello! With American Thanksgiving yesterday, we are now Officially in the Holiday Season. With the completion of Thanksgiving dinner, it is now permissible to play Christmas music (a guideline I just made up yesterday afternoon) and I have also decorated the website here (Christmas lights are my favorite).

And my first holiday gift is only barely from me: the Untold Podcast has produced “Wight Christmas” for your listening enjoyment! You can listen to it here:


I’ve been a fan for a while (you might remember when I had a king cobra story in the Good Snake finals?) and I was delighted when Nathan James Norman asked to do “Wight Christmas” for 2020. It’s the story of Mrs. Claus (a Valkyrie who married St. Nicholas) tracking down the supernatural creatures attacking Christmas with an undead. And despite that premise, it’s funny.

You can listen to Untold Podcast for free, but if you like their work, they have a Patreon.

Some story notes:

The Untold Podcast site has given “Wight Christmas” a PG-13 rating. Because I often get specific content questions, I’ll clarify that there’s violence, a touch of horror aesthetic, and a pun that edges on bad language but no actual words to bleep.

“Wight Christmas” was originally published in Mrs. Claus: Not the Fairy Tale They Say, an 2017 anthology edited by Rhonda Parrish and published by World Weaver Press.

And I should identify the man who dies in the parking lot. Though there was no smooth way to fit a name into the story, that poor soul had a name, and it was TR — because game editor TR Knight made a “Wight Christmas” pun during a conversation about Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas compression, and when I said I wanted that for a story title, he said I could use it if I made sure to kill him in the story.

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