Want S’more Fun In Your Season?

We’re trying something new, and we invite you to, too.

Three of us — Alena, Julie, and I — put together a cookbook for s’mores.

“Hold on,” I hear you saying. “S’mores? How can anyone need a cookbook for that? That’s like needing a recipe for boiling water.”

Oh, but I guarantee you haven’t seen s’mores like these.

We start with the traditional and iconic, and then we move to the innovative, the unexpected, and the just plain decadent.

Our s’mores range from rustic to snooty, from kid-friendly to gooey goodness. We offer simple s’mores to carry around the backyard with you and showstopping s’mores to share on your favorite social media. And every one of them was made outdoors over a wood fire, in true s’mores tradition, so don’t let the gourmet fool you — these are all s’mores at heart.

And the beautiful photographs make this an excellent gift for the food lovers in your life, hint hint.

The paperback and ebook will be released on Tuesday, September 22, so watch for it!

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