Vote, Maybe Even Win, & Get a Free Book Just For Reading This Post

Vote for War Unicorns!No, seriously, it’s all that simple. (Well, and you have to click a link or two.)

First up: Nova and Reaver, my highly-trained war unicorns from my story “Rue the Day” in the fantabulous upcoming Equus, have advanced to the semi-finals.

Ready for action? Click here and comment that you want Nova and Reaver to win. Sure, a kelpie is cool and all, but we’re talking trained war unicorns. Just click and comment.

Oh, and make sure your email address is valid, because editor Rhonda Parrish is going to give a free book to one lucky voter. So you’re not just helping Nova and Reaver, you’re helping yourself. And me. Because the glorious prize at the end of this Equus Battle Royale — those bragging rights, I say bragging rights, for Pete’s sake — is gonna be mine.

Want to share your enthusiasm? We’re all cheering together with the hashtag #EquusFight. See you there!

Hall of HeroesAnd since you’re all being such great sports about helping Nova and Reaver so far, I have another special treat to share. Today the new Fellowship of Fantasy anthology Hall of Heroes goes on sale. Except “on sale” is a bit of a misnomer, because it’s free. Yep, the ebook is 100% free! (Sorry, the paperback costs real money.)

It’s a discovery book, meaning we hope you’ll find a story you love and seek out that author’s other work. You already know me, or you probably wouldn’t be here on my blog, but there are 22 other authors to meet and 27 stories in all. I have two stories included. You may have read “And Only the Eyes of Children” before, and if you haven’t this is a great way to grab a Pushcart Prize nominee, but I also have a brand new story called “Teamwork.” Want a hint? Doberman. And you’ll have to read for more.

As always, thank you for reading! And voting!

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