Villains Gallery

Tonight some friends from church held a “decompression night” and invited a bunch of us over to blow off steam. We had stress balls to squeeze, bubbles to blow, putty, over-sized Jenga, punching bags, wrapping paper swords, cornhole, video games, and a Nerf shooting range (with paint for the darts to mark your shots).

They’d set up a villains gallery for target shooting, with four rogues to take fire. There was the demogorgon from Stranger Things, Harry Potter’s Delores Umbridge, and–

…Oh, wow.

King Jerome

So we all spent some quality time shooting villains (Jar Jar Binks was the fourth), but I made sure I got the first whack at Jerome.

Mad props to my friends. I have to say, this is the first time someone has given me the chance to shoot my antagonist, and I kind of like it.

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  1. Oh my goodness, Laura, that’s AWESOME. “How you know when your church friends GET you”…!

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