Teaser Tuesday: A Short Walk Home

One of my own corn fields. This stood probably nearly 8 feet tall when taken in July.

Today’s Teaser Tuesday comes from the short story, “A Short Walk Home.”

I don’t know why I even reacted; it was just a rustle, probably an opossum or raccoon. But I became newly aware I was beside a corn field, not soybeans, and I couldn’t see a thing in there. Soybeans can hide rabbits; corn can hide axe murderers and zombies.

…I know, I know, my Hoosier roots are showing.

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  1. Bwahaha! Just today I decided to give Zombies, Run! another try. And found myself running down a gravel lane between two cornfields, with zombie sound effects in my headphones. It was terrifying. I think I ran faster than I ever have. :P

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