Travelogue: Argentina & Antarctica! Ice & Islands

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I’m so sorry — I wrote this post way back, but got distracted and didn’t realize it didn’t go live. Let’s talk about ice in Antarctica!

Today, let’s sail through the waters of Antarctica and learn a little.

Ice, Ice, Baby

We entered the Southern Ocean and reached the Antarctic peninsula, sailing through the Gerlache Stait into the Schollart Channel. We had an additional ice pilot with us, a former captain of an Argentine icebreaker ship, now retired and assisting summer vessels.

And it wasn’t long before we sighted our first iceberg.

We were supposed to sail into Paradise Bay, but the copious ice prevented us. Rather, our ice pilot was sure we could get in, but he thought there was a fair chance we couldn’t then get out. So we stayed at the mouth of the bay and just absorbed the scenery.

Ice across entrance and bay
Ice across entrance and bay

The scenery was just astounding. Jaw-dropping. Lemme just leave some of my favorite shots here for you. (Click to enlarge and flip through.)