Thoughts on the Boston Marathon Disaster

I didn’t hear about the explosions at the Boston Marathon right away. It wasn’t until my sister and I were on our way home from a library, where we’d been running a simple jewelry workshop for kids, that she checked Twitter and asked, “What happened at the Boston Marathon? Why would they need blood drives?”

And she read back, and she told me. And my first words were, “Why? What is WRONG with people?!?!”

My brain just can’t even wrap around the concept of someone thinking that kind of thing. Makes no sense.

I almost understand — but of course do not agree with — acts of terrorism with a political end, because at least there’s a sick sort of purpose to it, but not something like this where apparently no one is even using it to some twisted end. Just an exercise in senseless violence. So wrong.

Maybe later we’ll find that this was some sort of sick political statement, but that won’t make it any less wrong.

The Christian has a great advantage over other men, not by being less fallen… but by knowing that he IS a fallen man in a fallen world. — C.S. Lewis

Evil exists. People argue that, saying that no one ever really makes a decision to hurt someone else, it’s just a hiccup in brain chemistry, but anyone who’s ever been an angry toddler knows that isn’t true.

But good also exists, and if we have the capability to make bad decisions, we also have the capability to make good ones. We can pray for victims and families, including those victims were who not physically injured (and yes, prayer is “doing something”). We can donate money and blood and time. We can decide to live our lives without letting terror change them, not letting them have their influence over our hearts and minds.


God bless all those involved with Boston, near and far.

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