The NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge is Coming

It’s that time of year when we writers must consider whether to join the annual Short Story Challenge.

Unlike NaNoWriMo or Inktober or other creative challenges, the NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge is a contest, with prizes. And it’s a challenge with a twist: All stories are written from scratch on a deadline, incorporating surprise elements assigned at the start time. You might receive a assignment to write a suspense story featuring a koala and an actor, or a romance with a compass and a plumber, or almost anything.

The three 2020 heats are in January, April, and May.

You can read about my previous (successful!) experiences here (and also here). (Spoiler: I made it to round 3, the top 75 out of over 4,000 entrants, and then tanked. But I got feedback and I learned, as the second post explains.) And if you might want to join me this year, hop over and read about the contest here.

NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge

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  1. Sure looks like fun! I wonder how many people are involved in processing so many submissions? Pretty amazing.

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