The Mandalorian

Okay, internet, we need to talk. Was no one going to tell me we have Star Wars back?

I mean, you were all going on and on and on about The Mandalorian‘s Baby Yoda (or baby whatever-it-is-that-Yoda-is) and so I thought that was the primary attraction to the show. But no. I mean, no shade to Baby Yoda, but there are so many good things going on that someone might have mentioned.

[insert “was anybody going to tell me that… or was I just supposed to find out for myself?” meme guy]

The Mandalorian's Baby Yoda
Behold our new cute overlord.

So today I started working at 9 am and didn’t budge from my computer (except for 2 toilet breaks) until 10:30 pm (God bless the husband who delivered food to me) and it wasn’t even for anything creative and fun, and so I finally just snapped and announced I was going to try Disney+ and the new Mandalorian show, which I had a few spoilers about, namely that most of the country is willing to die for Baby Yoda and also he drinks tea. (It’s actually broth, though.)

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I guess just no one was going to say anything about:

  • the brilliant piece of world-building in the first scene, where an unnamed bystander sets the Mandalorian’s place in this story universe?
  • the western-in-space feel? Right down to the gloriously spaghetti soundtrack?
  • and with all the jidaigeki borrows, like the original trilogy had? (Lone Wolf and Cub and Seven Samurai are the obvious firsts to mind.)
  • the fun homages to Spielberg, like Lucas did?
  • the gloriously gritty, used universe of the original trilogy?
  • the old-fashioned wipes and transitions like the original trilogy had?
  • the gorgeous credits art that would make Ralph McQuarrie proud?
  • the brilliant effects, which look juuuuuust slightly retro?
  • the absolute lack of Gungans or Midichlorians?
  • the Easter eggs for the fans? And all done right, casually seeded for those who will appreciate them, not shoehorned awkwardly into a lampshade (I’m looking at you, Solo)?

No, seriously, the Easter eggs. I squealed with glee when the camtono was set on the desk. (Yes, I had to look up the noun, because I’m only so much a nerd — but I recognized it immediately.)

Anyway, internet, I can’t believe you all just didn’t say anything. I thought we were friends.

And now I guess I have to carve out time for a new fandom.

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  1. Sorry, I was too busy rewatching the episodes each time a friend or daughter came to the house, then rewatching them again to catch all the Easter Eggs, then mulling over what I watched and pondering the greater Star Wars universe implications, then wondering if I should dust off my old West End Games Star Wars rpg books for a classic Star Wars campaign set in the outer rim.

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