The Holiday/Pandemic/Help-Me-Clean-My-House Sale!

Look, there are so many books in my office, and you need holiday gifts. Let’s make a deal.

Because I had almost no live events in 2020, my stock for event sales has been largely untouched. In March, for example, I arrived with a new title just hours before the three-day event was canceled by state order, and I went home with boxes of books to store.

The Songweaver's Vow

So what I’m saying is, I have a lot of books I would like to move. And it’s getting to be that time of year when people buy books for people they care about, and I’m willing to make it both easy and special. All paperbacks purchased directly from me can be signed by the author and/or personalized to a recipient (and you can specify which, because some readers have preferences). And with flat rate shipping for the continental US!

And the coupons stack!

So you probably already know about the Shard of Elan series and The Songweaver’s Vow, but there are other titles you might not have thought of, which could be a perfect match for a reader on your list. (Note that links below will put items in your shopping cart; to browse book descriptions and see previews, use the Book Table menu item above.)

Rhonda Parrish's Magical Menageries

Consider one of more of the Magical Menageries anthologies, Fae, Corvidae and Scarecrow, or Equus. Note that there’s a discount for buying the series! Use coupon code FAECOMBO when you fill your cart. (Sirens is also in the series, but I don’t have a story in that one so I don’t sell it.)

Lovers of Japanese myth and folklore may appreciate these foxy stories set in Heian-Kamakura Japan. Buying two or more of these in paperback? Use the coupon code KITSUNE for a discount. (Yes, again, coupons stack!)

Did you know that by day, I help teach people about animal (and human) behavior and how to solve problems with positive reinforcement? I have bestselling non-fiction for pet owners and a fun kid-friendly book on training topics.

For whatever statistical oddity of a reason, I have an excess of C is for Chimera from the Alphabet Anthologies, so it’s now on sale! I really like the story I have in this one, about an ancient prince finding new opportunity in the face of unfathomable disaster.

And of course, seasonal books are always appropriate! So To Honor Him is a historically plausible retelling of a drummer traveling with the Magi to find the Christ child. Mrs. Claus is a collection of fantastically non-traditional takes on the iconic North Pole matron who is so much more than a baker. And S’moregasbord has luscious photography and delightful, delicious ideas to try.

And have you seen our latest stickers, including the holographic Shard of Elan? These are really cool, they’ve just arrived, and to start the party I am offering another coupon code STICKERLOVE for $1 off your choice of Shard of Elan stickers (such as the popular “While you yet breathe” model). T-shirts make great gifts for a fan, too!

If you’re picking up stickers only, there’s a special shipping code for you. Does not apply to non-sticker items, sorry!

Questions? Ask me! I’m happy to help you find the right gift for the readers on your list (and happy to steer you away from a book which might not be a good match, too). Shipping typically takes about a week within the US, so plan ahead. Thank you!

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