The Face of Herod

“The Face of Herod.” That actually sounds like a title, doesn’t it? But I guess it would have to be a mystery, as we don’t have any idea what King Herod looked like.

Sure, there are some artists’ conceptions, which is how I’ve illustrated previous posts, but we don’t have any surviving contemporary images of him. Part of this is because he ruled Judea, and Jewish religious law prohibited images of living creatures, to prevent the appearance of idolatry. (Since this was about the same time that the Romans were getting into emperors declaring themselves divine, it would be tricky footing indeed among the conquered Judea.) But even the images of Herod from outside Judea have not lasted.

We do have some footprints, though! You can read about them in this BAS article.

If you’re looking for a Christmas read, please consider So To Honor Him, in which we see a drummer slave confronted by King Herod with a choice. I had a ton of fun researching the history and the plausible magi, and it’s a fast read during the busy holiday season.

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So To Honor Him

So To Honor Him

For a small favor, Herod promises the slave Arash’s freedom. But Herod does not seek the child to honor him, and Arash is trapped in a plot to murder an infant.

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About the Book
Arash is a slave drummer accompanying the Megistanes and other scholars on their journey to find the new king, whose star they have seen in the heavens. He does not understand their enthusiasm for this Jewish child, prophesied centuries before by one of their own, but each night he plays his drum for his master and dreams of earning his freedom. When they reach Jerusalem, Arash is made an offer by King Herod himself: once they locate the child, return and tell him of this infant king of the Jews. For this small favor, Herod promises Arash’s freedom. But Herod does not seek the child to honor him, and Arash is trapped in a plot to murder an infant. Characters from Rome, Babylon, the Decapolis, and the Han Dynasty experience the events surrounding the Nativity in this meticulously researched and historically plausible retelling of the Little Drummer Boy carol.
Genres: Historical Fiction, Holiday
Tag: Standalone (not in a series)
Publisher: Æclipse Press
Publication Year: 2014
Length: novella
ASIN: 163165991X
ISBN: 9781631659911
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  1. Laura, you are quickly becoming one of those authors whose work I will buy whenever it’s available. (Mostly because I finally discovered you, not because your work wasn’t good before, ha ha!) I snagged this one and look forward to a season-themed read!

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