Thanks, Tangent! (A Brag)

Scarecrow anthology Rhonda Parrish

“Judge and Jury”

Is it okay to start the new year with a brag? Is that okay?

I might do it anyway.

I just got an email pointing me to Tangent‘s 2015 Recommended Reading List and I’m on it. Twice. Both stories with three stars (in their 0-3 star system).

Corvidae, edited by Rhonda Parrish


The stories are “Sanctuary” in Corvidae and its sequel “Judge and Jury” in Scarecrow. Tangent gave them a couple of lovely reviews (caution, many spoilers!) when they came out, but getting on the year-end list makes me very happy.

(In related news: the Mythic Indy anthology has been delayed, and I don’t have a new release date for it yet, I’m sorry. Same with Specter Spectacular, with the new Kitsune Tales short story. I hear you asking, I’m sorry, and I’ll definitely let you guys know as soon as I hear something.)


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  1. Definitely okay to start off with a brag–congratulations!

  2. That’s fabulous! Congratulations!

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