Teaser Tuesday — Shard & Shield

Oil on Canvas
The Fallen Angel, by Alexandre Cabanel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another short excerpt for #TeaserTuesday! This one’s from Shard & Shield, which is today’s project anyway.

Ariana sipped at her drink and traced a finger through the condensation on the table, drawing loose geometric designs. Idly she asked, “Did you know some ancient art includes winged men as icons of beauty? Not quite Ryuven, but wings, anyway.”

“Then it was ancient art indeed,” said Becknam, “well before we met the Ryuven. Those monsters aren’t winged men, and they aren’t beautiful.” He cast a suspicious eye toward her. “If my lady had seen—”

“I am quite aware of what the Ryuven can do. I only — it’s odd that we should have imagined men with wings, don’t you think?”

“Artists have more imagination than sense, and more sense than usefulness.”

Ariana drew a bolder design on the table.

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  1. Great teaser :D Love the characters.

    Thanks for linking to me, that’s awesome.

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