SCARECROW releases today!

Scarecrow anthology Rhonda ParrishRemember that lovely cover I showed you last week? Now it’s got a whole book to go with it. Scarecrow releases today!

Yes, I know it’s been a busy few weeks, what with Corvidae and Mythic Indy and Scarecrow and all, but Scarecrow has my story “Judge and Jury,” which continues the story begun in Corvidae. Each can be read alone, but together they’re like, um, chocolate and peanut butter. Which actually sounds really good right now…. Continue reading

…It’s for the kids.

Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, June 1988.

Market Square Arena, the site of Elvis’s very last concert. Dun dun DUUUUN! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m not gonna lie — I am not a fan of crowdfunding an unknown creative project. Every time I see someone posting, “Hi, you don’t know me and I have no evidence of work ethic or talent, but please give me thousands of dollars to encourage me to be artistic,” I get a little rage-y on behalf of all those who do the work first.

It’s a bit different when it’s an established creative who has proven talent. I have contributed to crowdfunding projects by artists whose work I’ve enjoyed previously.

And it’s more different still when the crowdfunding is to enable 100% of the sales to go to a good cause, without having to first pay back production costs. Continue reading

New Story Out: The Ruins

Feeling the Burn
(Photo credit: Donna Cazadd)

“The Ruins” is now available to read online at Punchnel’s. Later this year, paperback sales of the Mythic Indy anthology will go to support Second Story, a program to encourage eager and reluctant kids to explore creative writing and improve their literacy and writing skills.

“The Ruins,” like the rest of the Mythic Indy stories, is set in a supernatural Indianapolis. Urban fantasy, folklore, science fiction, and slipstream all bump shoulders here. My story centers on the famous statues in Holliday Park, and what they might really be.

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