New Story Out: The Ruins

Feeling the Burn
(Photo credit: Donna Cazadd)

“The Ruins” is now available to read online at Punchnel’s. Later this year, paperback sales of the Mythic Indy anthology will go to support Second Story, a program to encourage eager and reluctant kids to explore creative writing and improve their literacy and writing skills.

“The Ruins,” like the rest of the Mythic Indy stories, is set in a supernatural Indianapolis. Urban fantasy, folklore, science fiction, and slipstream all bump shoulders here. My story centers on the famous statues in Holliday Park, and what they might really be.

As a rule, we writers don’t get to post reviews from our mothers, something about prejudice and maternal bias. But here’s what my mom wrote me this morning, about my heritage:

… at which point I decided you were the spawn of a combination of Alfred Hitchcock and Steven Moffat, with perhaps a little Rod Sterling thrown in.

And that sounds pretty fun, I think!

Ruins color -Holliday Park, Indy
Ruins color -Holliday Park, Indy (Photo credit: Serge Melki)
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