Social, Civil, and Savvy: a new non-fiction book

So I’ve been working very hard, and I’ve dropped a few hints, and I’m finally ready to reveal it: I have a new training and behavior book coming out soon!

(Animal training and behavior is my day job, when I’m not letting my imaginary friends irritate each other for fun and profit.)

social civil savvy audiobook

Social, Civil, and Savvy is specifically about socialization and life preparation for puppies, with lots of explanation and step-by-step instruction, and also about familiarization for older dogs who did not have a great socialization period in their puppyhoods.

Does that make it a sequel to Fired Up, Frantic, and Freaked Out? But puppyhood and socialization come before adulthood and behavior modification, so maybe it’s a prequel?

Anyway, it will be available at Clicker Expo in late March, and then it will release everywhere (ebook and paperback) in April. Make sure to sign up on my training/behavior list for pre-order options and more release details.

Keep an eye open for some sneak peeking in the near future!

I’m learning so much! You are doing a great job of tapping into the common myths and misconceptions that lay people have…. It’s like you’re in my head…. What a great way to approach training and life in general.

— Jennifer Bak, preparing to adopt her first dog (congratulations!)

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  1. Oh my goodness, Laura. When I saw the title of your book in the email you sent, I got so excited. I thought it was a book on how to behave in the crazy toxic world of social media. It’s the perfect title! Social for social media, civil because that’s so badly needed these days, and savvy to appeal to people’s egos. “It’s savvy, smart and sexy to be civil on social media…”

    I’m glad you’ve put your expertise on animal training into a book. I hope it helps a ton of people be better dog owners. And I hope that someday someone writes the version for humans!

    • Ha! And you’re actually not the first person to comment that it sounds like a social media guide…!

      I did hear from a number of people that they “secretly” applied techniques from the first book on themselves, to help in stressful situations, so maybe we can hope for some bleedover to social media, too. Fingers crossed.


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