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It’s good to have realistic expectations as well as goals, right? And likely goals as well as shoot-for-the-moon goals, right? Authors — and everyone — should have many small goals as they make their way toward large goals.

So in a fit of procrastination from Real Work, I’ve compiled a just-for-fun list of things which would make me happy, small or large signposts on the way toward Arrived — wherever that is.

In no particular order….

Howard Shore at the Lord of the Rings press co...
Howard Shore at the Lord of the Rings press conference, Wellington, New Zealand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Signs of Achievement and Semi-Greatness:

  • My book becomes an audio book.
  • That audio book is read by Simon Jones or James Marsters, my two favorite book voices.
  • T-shirts are offered for sale featuring my character, locale, etc.
  • I see my title go by on #FridayReads.
  • Cosplayers appear as my characters. (As a cosplayer myself, this would delight me!)
  • My book becomes a major motion picture.
  • Howard Shore scores that motion picture.
  • I am asked to speak about writing (as opposed to the subject of my writing).
  • I see someone reading my book in an airport waiting area.
  • Someone decorates a cake thematically from my book.
  • A cake decorated thematically from my book appears on Cake Wrecks.
  • My book is mentioned on
  • Readers send me fan art.

What’d I miss?

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