A Serial Experiment

I’m trying something new! You can see a work in progress serialized at Wattpad.

I’m working on Smoke and Peers, which follows Smoke and Fears. It’s started, but not finished, so you’re getting the real serial experience! Eventually it will be revised and collected for standard publication.

Interested? You can comment on the story as you read, comparing theories with other readers or telling me what you like or dislike. You can give each update a vote (just click on the star!), which helps me attract more readers so I’d really appreciate that. And you can read, comment, and vote from either your computer or your favorite mobile device.

Good idea? Bad? Tell me what you think of the serialization experiment or the story itself!

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  1. Enjoyed the book in progress! Rather puzzled at Wattpad tho. I just want to comment, not (yet) write a book, yet to leave a comment and a star I had to sign in as an author…
    Will Wattpad notify me of new posts from you? Or is there some other system?

    • As far as I can tell, Wattpad has a single registration system, so everyone is equally a reader/writer. No obligation, though!

      If you are “following” the story, if you’ve added it to your library, you should receive an automatic notification with each update. You can customize those notifications, even to having one pop on your phone so you can drop everything and rush to read. ;-)

  2. Serials seem to be rather popular these days. I know several authors who have serialized their books and then sold them as a collection. As long a the reader know they are getting involved with a serial. I hate it when I pick up a book and find out that the story doesn’t end and I need need to get the next book!

    Good Luck!

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