Santa Dragon is here!

a fantastical ChristmasIt’s nearly Christmas!

Today I’m giving away a complete set of the Kitsune Tales (thus far) for the Fellowship of Fantasy’s Santa Dragon tour. You can enter by signing up for my mailing list or liking my Facebook page (or just telling me that you already have, and I’ll confirm).

In Kitsune-Tsuki the onmyouji Tsuguru is charged with finding a shapeshifter who may or may not even exist. In Kitsune-Mochi, he faces a new threat from afar and a deadly danger from within his own home. And with The Lonely Frost you can revive the classic Christmas tradition of ghost stories — there was a reason Dickens went with that approach — and explore with Tsuguru the disturbing disappearance of ordinary villagers.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

Kitsune Tale & Kitsune MochiThe Lonely Frost

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  1. I have already liked your Facebook page and follow it also.

  2. I’m already a subscriber!

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