Rob Paulsen and Con Job

Rob Paulsen
Rob Paulsen (Photo credit: edwick)

So I’m wrapping up Con Job, a murder mystery which takes place at a fan convention which is populated by the usual assortment of fans and guests: cosplayers, actors, writers, trivia nerds, fanfic enthusiasts, photographers, collectors, executives (from a cocky corporation with the ridiculous name of MEGAN!ME) and more. It has a lot of editing yet to go, because drafts are to books as crops and live poultry are to Thanksgiving dinner, but it’s coming along.

In the scene below, three guys are talking show business, and a voice actor drops the name of one of my own favorites, Rob Paulsen. I tweeted, just in case he’d see it, because it really was meant as an honor.

Woot! Paulsen is (at this still-a-work-in-progress time) the only real person mentioned in the book. I know lots of con personalities and I wanted it to be clear that the all characters in the story are invented, not based on real people. (This is especially important in a story full of, you know, murder.) But saying Rob Paulsen is a VA legend? Not an insult, and not an exaggeration.

Christopher continued, “I thought for a bit that maybe now that she’s dead, maybe MEGAN!ME would pick up the show again.”

“We all think privately of how things will change when something happens to someone, and whether or not we’ll get called as a result,” Mickey said quietly. “Like I got brought in once when Rob Paulsen got strep throat. Just, most of us have the decency to keep it to ourselves.”

“Yeah, but you got called in for Rob freaking Paulsen! He’s a legend. I just need to get paid like I was promised.” Christopher gestured sharply. “Is that so much to ask? Just get paid for what I produced? But no, some bimbo in a powersuit decides to cut me for a chibi mascot and nepotism, and I’m out of luck.”

By the way, Rob’s podcast episode with Mark Hamill is both fascinating and hilarious. And now that I’ve heard Rob and Mark sing the theme to F-TroopI know every word — I can die happy.

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