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Geek Feast Blog Hop

Today I am participating in J.L. Mbewe’s Geek Feast Blog Hop, sharing fandom-inspired recipes. As we are presently between Thanksgiving and Christmas, when oven-tender fowls are traditional fare, I thought I would share a time-honored family recipe for chocobo. (Don’t miss the contests below and the fundraiser, as 100% of So To Honor Him royalties this week go to charity!)

Sephiroth’s Favorite Roast Chocobo

photo courtesy PicJumbo

As the holiday season of marathon eating begins, we think not only of the loved ones no longer with us (all of them, from Aerith to Zach) but of the family and social gatherings where we will gorge ourselves on our favorite recipes. One which has been a repeated hit is Sephiroth’s favorite Roasted Chocobo.

First, select a mid-sized chocobo, probably one not selected for breeding. Be aware that ex-racers may be tough for eating. For festive holiday meals, I recommend a green or blue chocobo; black or gold may be reserved for very special occasions, perhaps a family Reunion. (Oh, did you see what I did there?)

So now that you have hung the materia on the tree and pinned Marlene’s stocking on the mantel, and as you’re waiting for the roar of motorcycles to announce everyone’s arrival, let’s start preparing the feast!

FFVII Chocobo concept art

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. (“Wark!”)

Take one stick of butter, room temperature or slightly warmer, and blend it with 2-3 tsp each of sage, rosemary, and thyme. (Parsley and humming are optional.) Add just a bit of salt and pepper. Rub this mixture beneath the loosened skin of the chocobo, settling the skin back in place.

Place the bird on a roasting rack (rubbed or sprayed with oil to prevent sticking) in a roasting pan, and fill the pan with root vegetables for easy sides. Roasting time will depend upon the size of your chocobo, but generally you’ll want an internal temperature of 170 degrees. Baste often with low-sodium chocobo broth. If you like salt, use sea salt or kosher salt to finish, rather than bathing in high-sodium broth which results in more sodium with less salty flavor.

When the chocobo is thoroughly cooked, remove it from the oven and let it stand about 15 minutes before carving. Serve with a side of lightly sautéed greens, which go well with chocobo (and you probably have some left over anyway from all that chocobo raising and training). Enjoy!

I have never played Final Fantasy 7 myself, but I have been a geek long enough to get most of the jokes. Be sure to enter the contests and check out the other blog hop posts below!

Banners by Kristie Good and Emily Wallin-Kale. Photo courtesy Alena Van Arendonk.

Side note: my church is not a gamer-church specifically, but it does have a fairly high geek ratio, and a chocobo can be spotted in the narthex banners.

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  1. Awesome. Love the creativity. Thanks for joining us! :-)

  2. Loved the post! I’ve played through several Final Fantasy games.

  3. I loved the post. Thanks for sharing your chocobo recipe with us.

  4. My husband is a Final Fantasy nut, so I will have to show this to him, lol!

    (On a more literal note… I’d never thought of mixing herbs with butter and rubbing it under the skin of a roasting bird… I may have to try that next time I roast a chicken.)

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