Release Day! The Songweaver’s Vow & D is for Dinosaur

You know it’s been a busy month when you have three book releases in two weeks.

COVALENT BONDS cover, woman embracing handsome nerd in glassesFortunately, two of those are anthologies. Covalent Bonds dropped on Valentine’s Day — because romance — and D is for Dinosaur hits the streets today — because dinosaurs.

T Rex stomps a car over text of all 26 authors' namesCovalent Bonds is collection of geeky romance shorts, where the nerds finally get the girl. Or guy. D is for Dinosaur is a collection of dino-themed stories (real, metaphorical, and other) in the Alphabet Anthology series. I have the letter Z, and my story’s about a paleographist, who has nothing at all to do with paleontology. (Trivia: the T. Rex on the front cover is named Terry.)

And then also today, The Songweaver’s Vow goes live. If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you’ve been hearing all about this, and there’s more background and research info coming all this week.

She tells Greek legends to entertain Norse gods — until one of her stories leads to murder. Now she’s alone in hostile Asgard, and Ragnarok is coming.

The Songweaver's VowThe Songweaver’s Vow has a special launch ebook price of $0.99 this week, and then it will go up to its proper retail price, so if you’re interested, grab your copy now at Amazon or any other ebook retailer. (The paperback is currently at Amazon only but should be available at any of your favorite bookstores within the next week or so.)

Which of these releases have you been looking forward to?

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